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NOTE.: the route on the map is colored red.



The National Path 31 crosses the prefectures of Achaia and Ilia in the NW Peloponnese from Patras to Ancient Olympia, passing through 15 villages. A route of 102 km with many unexpected and interesting changes. It has also been named "Pausanias Path" since the traveler of antiquity passed the 2nd AD. ai. from Achaia and moved in a section and in the area of ​​the current National Trail 31.

The hiking route starts from Patras, from the winery of Achaia Clauss and passing through the villages: Petroto (Valatouna), Agia Paraskevi (Topolova), Kalanistra, Kalanos, Lakkomata, Micha, Ano Vlasia, Platanitsa, Agrambela, Divri (L , Amygdali, Koumani, Lala, Kladeos, Mageira and Koskinas, ends at the railway station of Ancient Olympia.

The route crosses four mountain ranges: Panacheiko, Erymanthos Lampei, and Foloi, meets the rivers: Peiros, Parapiros, Selinountas, Erymanthos, Kladeos, many smaller streams, plateaus, landscapes of special environmental interest (Folosta Choristos, Folorissa forest) Divris) and picturesque villages and offers the visitor, exceptional experiences and unique impressions.

The route consists of 45 km of path, 36 km of dirt road and 21 km of asphalt road. The point with the lowest altitude of the route is 50m. and the highest 1,430m. The time required to cross the route is estimated at 8 days.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to stay and focus in all the villages of the route, so relative autonomy is required from the hikers to cross it. Of course, partial daily walks can take place.

The route has been marked with small square signs in white and red and in a small part yellow, with the indication "31" and white red colors on rocks, stones, trees, yards, etc. Unfortunately, the marking has over time in several places destroyed for this today is considered rather incomplete.




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