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Theoxenia Hotel in Messolonghi

Theoxenia Hotel is located next to the famous lagoon of Messolonghi and very close to the city center. The Theoxenia hotel offers high quality services and a 3-star guarantee.

A friendly and dedicated staff will create a loving and relaxing experience. The hotel organizes lectures, dinings, degree exams, conferences, company sampling.

The rooms of Theoxenia give you the opportunity to enjoy your stay in wonderful aesthetic spaces that perfectly connect with the natural environment while providing all commodities such as air conditioning, TV - digital digea, Free wifi - internet, minibar, bathroom, room service and views in the enchanting lagoon. you will love the hospitality of the historic Messolonghi. There are Suites, four, three, two, and single bed rooms for all customer needs.

There is parking for cars, buses, motorcycles and bicycles in the surrounding area of ​​the hotel. You can have breakfast in the main restaurant overlooking the lush garden and the Lagoon. The hotel restaurant serves Greek and Mediterranean dishes.

Adults can relax in the hotel bar while children can play in the playground. There are beautiful outdoor areas and lush gardens where the visitor can relax. Also, in the area next to the hotel there is a swimming pool. 

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