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Events 2021


Ode to Freedom

This is a theatrical performance based on the works of Dionysios Solomos "Free Besieged" and "Hymn to Freedom". These projects are well known, they particularly concern our region but also the Region of Western Greece. Especially the "Free Besieged", a work that concerns the struggle and the sacrifice of the free besieged Messolonghi, we consider it necessary to reach the schools and through the theater.

The content is entirely about the struggles for liberation from the Turkish yoke and will be, especially for schools and students, a historical knowledge in a more comprehensible way.

The implementation of the proposal is undertaken by the "Arma Thespidos" under the supervision of the president Mr. Petros Vai.

It is proposed to tour all the schools of Secondary Education of the Region of Southwestern Greece, as well as in theatrical venues of the region.

In the program of DI.PE.THE. Patras for the 200th anniversary of the revolution of 1821, entitled "ODE TO ELEFTHERIA", submitted to the Region of Western Greece, has produced an original theatrical performance entitled "Freedom. The Hymn of the Greeks." It is a performance by Arma Thespidos - DI.PE.THE. PATRAS for Messolonghi, based on the memoirs of Spyros Milios, the "Free Besieged" and the "Hymn to Freedom" by Dionysios Solomos.

Five attacking actors bring to life the great moments of the second siege of Messolonghi. Based on the shocking description of the events from the memoirs of General Spyros Milios who lived through the siege through the walls, the actors of the play narrate and represent all the glorious and heroic resistance of the besieged of Messolonghi until its exclusion from the Ottoman Empire. On stage we see the agony and passion of the heroes, to give masses to the body, to build sewers and set them on fire, children to take part in the battles with stone war, women to help at night to repair the bastions and all together to refuse to capitulate in the tempting proposals of the besiegers for pilgrimage and submission to the Turkish yoke.

After a superhuman effort, winning almost all the clashes with the enemies on land and at sea, the besieged bend from the regime of exclusion and hunger. Then, making Freedom their Second Virgin, they defy hardship and death and decide their glorious Exodus.

This Exodus, which does not exist in world history and is in itself the "literature" of the Greek revolution and World History, is illuminated on stage with the poetic speech of Dionysios Solomos. The lyrics of "Free Besieged" and "The Hymn to Freedom" are the other language of the heroes of Messolonghi. On stage we see how they inspire each other, how they defy hardships, how they overcome terror and fear that "They do not cry for the murder that they want to be killed, only they cry for the slavery that they want to be enslaved" and finally that they defy and at the last moment, despite their miserable condition, the pilgrimage to the Sultan. Men, women and children rush to the enemy with self-sacrifice and their bravery shocks the whole world. "My eyes have not seen places more glorious than this Alonaki-Vouliagmeni" as our National poet says.

The play "Freedom. The Hymn of the Greeks" is an epic play. Because it is based on real events, the dramatic elaboration and direction of the play aim at a clear representation of the events, with a full psychosomatic participation of the actors. In the play there are characters who, as in the real events of each man, so each character is tested differently from the harsh reality but all in the end end up in the bravest act. The choreography and movement of the protagonists of the show will support the shocking speech of our national poet. The setting of the play will be a war scene, a bastion, that just as the besieged during the play are transformed into heroes, so the simple bastion will be transformed into a "sacred place of glory". The costumes and lighting will support this transformation with austerity and purity. The play "Freedom. The Hymn of the Greeks" is a play - a proposal of an epic theater by Arma Thespidos - DI.PE.THE Patras, which wants to match the historical elements of Mesolonghi we's poetry of Dionysios Solomos, to entertain the viewer by making him witness not only the real events but also the inner course of the fighters, from the terror of the cruelty of war, to self-denial and heroism.


TIME: 25/06/2021



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