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Events 2021


The conditions of healthy living, clothing and nutrition, of the vast majority of Greek slaves, and at the time of the struggle for freedom, have not been highlighted and recorded. In the years of national polygenesis, there were unplanned and consecutive movements of fighters, the forced crowding of population groups in urban centers, the frequent sieges of cities and forts and the constant warfare, which resulted in suffering, to the point of psychosomatic extermination and, on the other hand, lack of food and other potable water. In addition, in some parts of the country, the humid climate and geophysical environment favored the outbreak of epidemics, which further aggravated the already unfavorable situation of the militants and their families.

On the battlefield, the lightly wounded were cared for on the spot by their comrades-in-arms, while those with serious injuries were taken to monasteries and later to rudimentary hospitals, which in the meantime had begun to be set up.

All these adverse conditions did not bend the heroism of either the militants or the civilian population towards the achievement of the National goal. Especially if we take into account the unprecedented and unique living conditions of the siege of Messolonghi, we understand the magnitude of this effort. However, the issue of health has not been raised, nor the care of the fighters who fought in miserable conditions.

That is why we consider it appropriate that a speech (as a sub-action in the already planned ones) could be included, which would highlight this issue and its importance.

For this purpose, the general archives of the state, of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, of the sources that refer to the Siege of Messolonghi, bibliographic review of the publications that refer to the war events of Western Greece, etc. will be investigated.


TIME: 24/11/2021

Watch the talk on youtube: youtu.be


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