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Events 2021


Mural on the subject of the Greek revolution of 1821.

Art in Progress has as its object contemporary art and culture. It is a non-profit organization (AMKE) founded in July 2011 based in Patras and is active in the organization and implementation of innovative visual, cultural and educational programs with reference to the common good, the principles of civil society and sustainable development.
One of the most popular activities of Art in Progress is the International Street Art Festival of Patras | ArtWalk, which takes place for the 6th consecutive year, has a duration of about 3 months and is co-organized with the Region of Western Greece.
This is a very large-scale project in the public space of the city as the festival features large murals by famous artists in characteristic parts of the city, actively mobilizing citizens, creating a sense of optimism and euphoria for the future image of the city throughout the country. .
ArtWalk is the only Street Art Festival of international scope in Greece and one of the largest in Europe that is purely supported by civil society with measurable results.
We make at least 10 murals a year, aiming for Patras to be the city with the most murals in Europe.
The specific activity of Art in Progress, gives the required maturity and know-how both in relation to the murals and the proposed project Mural 21.
In this way, Art in Progress proves that the artistic interventions in the public urban fabric of the city and the modern culture can effectively establish Patras internationally as a pole of attraction of cultural tourism through innovation, creativity and extroversion.
As part of Mural 21, Art in Progress selected one of the most important Greek artists, Konstantinos Papamichalopoulos (Athens), to create a mural in a targeted part of the city and the theme of the Greek revolution of 1821.
The intention of Art in Progress and Mural 21 is to awaken the eyes of the everyday passer-by, to see again their tradition of being reborn in the present with modern forms of art and aesthetics. We also want to share our practices for the marriage of tradition with contemporary art through workshops, discussions with students, teachers, citizens, with or without art experts that we want public space today in a modern Greece *.
By its very nature, street art has the privilege of "conversing" daily with thousands of citizens and bringing them closer to modern culture, enhancing their sense of belonging and educating them through time. an upgraded aesthetic for the public space. Not coincidentally, the above reasons have given Street Art the first place in the world in terms of dissemination and engagement on social media.
The longevity of the mural (15-20 years) automatically gives Mural 21 an overwhelming advantage of communicating its message for a number of years, adding value to the whole action.
Mural 21 is supported by volunteers, small and large companies with community service, where without their valuable contribution our initiative would be impossible to carry out.

Your support for Art in Progress and Mural 21 will enable the Region of Western Greece to associate its name with a great national cultural event and to benefit from its radiation. It will significantly enhance the prestige of the PDE to a very wide range of audiences, while at the same time highlighting its social, cultural sensitivity and public benefit action.
TIME: 22/04/2021



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