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Institute of Local History

The Institute of Local History is a civil, non-profit organisation involved in the long-term cultural and environmental study of local communities.

The Institute undertakes and supports activities developed by Local Authorities, the public and the private sector in Greece and abroad. Its objective is to record, preserve, safeguard, study and promote cultural heritage and identity, as well as to aid the local peοple to develop a historical consciousness and to realise their special, distinguishing qualities through their participation in educational and training programmes.



In 2021 the Institute of Local History participated in the celebration of the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution with a workshop and an exhibition titled “Society & Economy during the pre-revolutionary and revolutionary periods in Western Achaia” sponsored by the Municipality of Western Achaia and the Regional Administration of Western Greece.



Kamenitsa Achaeas


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Digital system for multi-level promotion of history
and culture stock of the Region of Western Greece
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