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Portal of the Region of Western Greece "The land of Flame"

How can someone register as an administrator in the Portal of the Region of Western Greece?

The Agency or the company that would like to register in the portal of the Region of Western Greece "The land of Flame", must perform the following steps:

    • Go to the page: https://portal.westerngreece2021.gr/

      • Left click on the Login button, which is located on the top right of the main page

      • It leads to the Registration page, where he must enter the following information:
        • Name (Company Name)
        • Email address
        • Username
        • User password
        • Password confirmation
        • Enter auto-image content for security reasons
      • Left click on submit

      • Immediately after submission and if the information has been entered correctly:
        • The sentence: "Check your Inbox" is displayed
        • The user logs in to his personal mail and sees the following email:

        "The new account has been created for the user, for example: user@gmail.com.
        The account will be activated by the system administrators. "

          • The administrator of the Portal of the Region of Western Greece checks the email and activates the new user.
          • Immediately after the activation of the account by the administrator, the user receives an automated e-mail informing about the activation of the account: "Your account has been activated"

In any case, the administrator can send an e-mail to the new user, who will notify him that his account on the Portal of the Region of Western Greece is active and therefore has the ability to proceed to the next stages of login and data entry.


Digital system for multi-level promotion of history
and culture stock of the Region of Western Greece
ΟPS 5069382


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για υποστήριξη στην εγγραφή και τη χρήση
του διαχειριστικού υποσυστήματος του παρόντος Portal: 2611 100 238


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