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Events 2021


The project concerns:

"The Battle of Kaukari": Creation of a documentary film in order to present the battle to the general public. The main aim of this digital project is -through the projection of relevant audiovisual material- to be an important historical source for all Greeks, contributing to the formation of national consciousness and the preservation of national identity.

This documentary will include footage from:

1. The hill of Kafkaria, the place where the battle took place.

2. The weapons with which the Greeks fought, as they are saved in the adjacent church of Makellaria.

3. The cave where according to tradition are the bones of the Turks who fell in battle.

4. The Church of Agia Paraskevi Rakita in Achaia, where two days before the battle the fighters performed the Divine Liturgy.


This year marks the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821, ie the founding act of modern Greece and the modern Greek state whose official creation occurred a few years later. As it is known, the Revolution of 1821 is full of glorious moments full of heroism by the Greeks who did not hesitate to face the numerous Turks and in the end to shake off the yoke, bringing the coveted freedom.

One of these glorious heroic moments for our country is the battle of Kaukaria, which took place in August 1827 between the Greek revolutionaries and the Ottomans.

This battle is an important and at the same time decisive moment of our national struggle (1821-1828) since its outcome revived the hopes of the Greeks and greatly affected the morale of the Ottomans, putting a major obstacle to the spread of the "Turkish pilgrimage". . Unfortunately, however, the battle of Kafkaria, like the period of the "Turkish pilgrimage", is an aspect of our national struggle (1821-1827) that has not been adequately examined by historians. Therefore, the completion of 200 years from the National Polygenesis of 1821 can undoubtedly be the springboard both for the universal recognition of the struggles and sacrifices of our people and for the emergence of this great confrontation which was essentially the trigger for its epilogue. revolution, since a little later the naval battle of Navarino (1827) marked national independence.


TIME: 03/10/2021

Photo source: https://tinyurl.com/ycks39w2


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