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Reproduction of the commemorative medal of Otto that was produced in 1836 and awarded to those who had taken part in the Greek Revolution. On one side will be engraved the figure of the Old Patras German who raises the Banner of the Revolution and on the other, the Hero of Polygenesis will be depicted. Othonas as King of Greece commissioned the German artist Konrad Lange to create a total of 12 medals, depicting snapshots and symbolic representations of the struggle for Independence of 1821, figures of Greek chiefs who led the national liberation struggle, the governor Ioannis Kapodistrias and the first kings. The performance of the medals is a minimal recognition and moral reward, while at the same time they are souvenirs of historical events and persons.

The medal will be made by a graphic designer and will be given to a specialized laboratory for reproduction.

The medal will be used by the Municipality of Kalavrita as a gift of etiquette during the events for the 200 years of the Greek Revolution "Greece 2021".


TIME: 30/03/2021


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