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Creation of an internet radio called ART RADIO.GR and an internet channel called ART TV.GR. These two online media will have an impact not only locally but also regionally and internationally as the internet is today the most widespread and direct way of communication and information for all age groups (teenagers, adults, the elderly, etc.).

The space where the internet radio and the channel will be located will host activities such as book presentations, poetry collections, dance and music presentations etc. which are related to the Greek Revolution with high scientific quality, originality and artistic resonance, as a symbol of identity and an ark of collective memory in relation to the historical and social contexts of the period in Greece and Europe. Schools and kindergartens will also be hosted and there will be an experiential game highlighting the social identity of the revolution. Documentaries will be presented with the life, work, and legacy of Theodoros Kolokotronis and other important figures of the Greek Revolution and their impact not only in his time but also in our time.

Posting on the news website (new publications, articles, conferences, thematic events for the landmark events of each revolutionary year, etc.) from what is happening in the Region of Western Greece for the history of the revolutions of the period. Hosting and presentation of all the clubs etc., that will organize events for 1821 in the Region of Western Greece as well as video recording for their subsequent promotion on the internet.

The internet channel and the radio aim to offer a more complete knowledge of the Greek Revolution and the promotion of the Region of Western Greece not only now but also in the future to attract visitors as there will be a live broadcast and their subsequent promotion.


TIME: 03/02/2021


Digital system for multi-level promotion of history
and culture stock of the Region of Western Greece
ΟPS 5069382


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