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Mr. Filias' Greeting

2021 is a milestone date for our country as it marks 200 years since the beginning of the Struggle for Greek Independence, which led to the creation of the modern Greek state. Western Greece proudly honors the 200 years of the Greek Revolution as the land that lit the flame of freedom and illuminated the path of Greek rebirth.

From the beginning of 2020, the region of Western Greece started the preparations so that W.G., the place where the Greek Independence started, could be the center of the celebrations with the composition and voting by the Regional Action Plan that set as a priority the completion of quality actions.

In order to ensure the maximization of the degree of success of the actions-events, the reliability, quality and validity of the theme of those actions-events that concern sensitive national, historical, pedagogical, folklore and general scientific issues, the social participation and acting on common goals, the organization of universally accepted events to maximize the social benefit and the minimization of possible side effects or failures that mainly concern the topics and the organization of actions-events, the Regional Council voted the Advisory Committee "Western Greece 2021".


In this portal you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with these actions which consist of the following:

Axis 1: Projects of emblematic/strategic character


A. The region of Western Greece, the only region in the whole country, through the NSRF Operational Program, has included and is implementing a project with a budget of 1,967,880 euros, highlighting the history and the cultural reserve of the Western Greece Region using digital and interactive media with an emphasis on historical events and references, such as those that took place during the Revolution of 1821.


The project is divided into three sub-projects:

• The organization and operation of a mobile digital museum, which will tour important urban centers of the region of Western Greece, before settling permanently in spots with a special role in the Revolution, specifically in Kalavryta and the Holy City of Messolonghi. The mobile digital museum utilizes modern digital audiovisual and interactive technologies (video projections, interactive applications, digital representations, virtual reality, holographic mixed reality, audio and multimedia tour systems, etc.).

• The provision of digital services and digital content in a multilevel way, namely: a) through a portal providing content and services, b) through an application for smart devices, without the need for internet connection at the expense of the interested party and without the need to install the application, locally, through wireless content display stations, which will be installed throughout the territory of Western Greece and will inform the visitor about 2500 points of historical and cultural interest within the borders of the region.

• A. Documentary. Production of a descriptive documentary with a non-commercial purpose but available for open access, through which the history and culture of Western Greece will be highlighted. B. Album. Production from own resources of a publishing work of high quality and aesthetics, focused on the connection of Western Greece with the pre-revolutionary years as well as the years of the Revolution.


Axis 2: Projects & actions in collaboration with other bodies

With an open invitation published by the region of Western Greece, 320 proposals were submitted for evaluation.

After two phases of evaluation, 130 proposals were approved for implementation and co-organization with the region of Western Greece’s own resources.

In terms of content, the proposals to be implemented can be classified as follows: 

• Cultural activities: opera, theatrical performances, conferences, music concerts, dance performances, art interventions and exhibitions, historical tours, exhibitions of historical relics, representations, revivals of battles and other historical events etc.

• Digital applications: digital museums, mobile and tablet applications, websites, utilization of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technologies, electronic information portals, etc.

• Sports & environmental activities: football, basketball, road and long-distance races, cycling, etc. The same category includes projects related to motor sports, as well as projects of mild environmental interventions (e.g., highlighting of natural paths, landscaping, etc.).


A year full of history, full of memories and emotions with the aroma of Greece and with pride.

Western Greece, the land of flame, protagonist in the struggle for freedom and the creation of the first independent Greek state then, protagonist today 200 years later, with events of remembrance, reflection and contemplation that simultaneously mark the starting point for a better tomorrow for generations to come. Starting point marked with emblematic works referring to the past, utilizing the possibilities of today, and aiming at approaching and targeting a better tomorrow.






Digital system for multi-level promotion of history
and culture stock of the Region of Western Greece
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